Eco Friendly Tuk Tours is a company with an innovative and differentiated attitude. We work in the universe of tourist animation companies operating in Lisbon, Portugal.We are focused on activities of a playful and cultural nature. It imposed from the beginning the adoption of a unique business posture that aims, as a priority, to provide a unique tourist experience.

We have organized different types of experiences because each couple, family or friends have a different timelapse in the city and themes might have interest.

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About our Services

  • Lisbon Tuk Tuk Tours : with duration of 1, 2 or 4 hours. According the time available, we will visit more or less civil parishes, with some key spots. Similarly, we will have a commitment to show you the very best of Lisbon.
  • Thematic Tuk Tuk Tours : getting the very best of each theme, we provide in solid partnerships tours with activities, such as : baking Portuguese pastéis de nata, tasting of craft beers and fado experiences.
  • Groups : Depending of your goals and groups, we have groups with different motifs . Its common to have corporate team buildings, events, bachelorette parties and weddings.

Our commitment is to spread the multiplicity of the cultural, historical and visual wealth of the Portuguese capital. Eco Friendly Tuk Tours creates affections and bonds between visitors and the city. We want to promote the Portuguese heritage and also personal enrichment of those who seek it. How? Offering itineraries that we think that best describe the past and the present. In other words, we love Portugal and we want to share it with you.

Two of our main concerns are: security, safety and customers service for our passengers. For this reason, we organize training sessions on regular bases. In conclusion, we want to procide the best experience possible while visiting Lisbon, Portugal.

Do you have questions? Any doubts? Get in touch, using the contacts form . Eco Friendly Tuk Tours is mainly offline, however also present on the main social media channels. Join us at Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.