Brand Activation is basically the process of making your brand more known. Potential customers, increasing awareness and creating engagement are the main goals.

Eco Friendly Tuk Tours is concept with concerns of the environment. We provide exclusively services in electric tuks. We can make very different things, according the goal you have for your brand . With main focus in Lisbon , the Portuguese capital, you will have a team with a great mindset.

During the last years we have worked with different requirements from marketing departments of corporate companies. We have worked with communication agencies, public relations, digital marketing agencies among others.

Eco Friendly Tuk Tour Brand Activation

Brand Activation, possible services

  • Advertising : you something to advertise? We have the solution with our eco friendly tuk tuk . Everyday we have tours in Lisbon to show the very best of our capital . Lisbon has an enormous potential for your brand, products or services.
  • Events : Imagine some electric tuks decorated with your brand that people can use on social media. Imagine specific tours for the participants of your events. Everything is possible, while you are focus on the event, we will make our part. For instance , moving your team or customers from accommodation to the location of the event.
  • Contests : You are organizing a contest for your employees or customers? A tuk tuk tour or a thematic tour can be the prize for the winner. In conclusion, they will be reward from the participation on the contest.
  • Public Relations : we can move people from one spot to another on your public relations event. If you presenting something to your audience, a electric tuk tour reflects your concerns with the environment.

Get in touch and describe your idea. We are convinced that we will work together into brand activation. Request your quote describing the maximum details possible of your concept, goals. We answer to every email.

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