Corporate Team Building is excellent in Lisbon . The capital of light, colors, good weather and excellent food is waiting your team. Besides these aspects, you will be able to organize a full event with different activities in the city.

Lisbon has such amount of hotels for accommodation, facilities for conferences or meetings and its spread in the different civil parishes, even its more concentrate in some civil parishes.

Eco Friendly Tuk Tours, Group

On Corporate Team Building, we can make…

  • Lisbon Tuk Tours in subgroups per tuk tuk , with the definition of the tour for everyone with a specific duration from 2 hours to 4 hours.
  • Transfers between different spots of your Corporate Team Building. Imagine that we are taking a team of 40 people from point a to point b, (from the accommodation to the conference location).
  • Quiz Game , where we will have a quiz and a tuk tour during 2 hours. Participants will learn something about Lisbon, Portugal and the Portuguese, while playing . We can customize with questions and answers of your company, because we believe that can be interesting. With customization its possible to included values and reminders of the company.
  • Do you have a specific idea ? Sure ! Share with us and we will study it to reply if its possible to organize. Your idea can be reality, however we need to be prepared for possible traffic restrictions, closing areas, among other issues. Launch us a challenge, in other words, dont keep your ideia just for you, share with us.

Fill the fields of the form of the quote request and submit. We will present you a solution for your Corporate Team Building in Lisbon. Please fill with information that you may consider will be important for you and us, as providers.

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