Sightseeing and Lisbon viewpoints

Sightseeing is increasing in Lisbon and foreigners are searching for new ways to discover the Portuguese capital. There is an amazing alternative way to go to the highest points of the city like for example some tuk tours where you will be able to have the knowledge of a local.

Lisbon as a restaurant or a bar in every corner. Portuguese gastronomy is based on meat and fish, with asides of rice, potatoes and vegetables. The Portuguese capital is the city of seven hills . Even its seems too much food to eat, soon, you will discover that you will burn a lot of calories walking around.

Lisbon, sightseeing from a viewpoint

Buildings depending of the civil parishes, you may find with stores on the first floor and accommodation starting at 1st floor. In addition, you have the most touristic areas search as Alfama along the river. Why? Because you have the Lisbon terminal of Cruise Ships.

Lisbon has several viewpoints , such as Senhora do Monte from where it was taken the picture of the article. It as an amazing perspective over Lisbon and best pictures you can make it in the morning hours.

Sightseeing in Lisbon

One of the best ways to travel in Lisbon is the metro network. Very easy to take and travel from one point to another in the capital. During your sightseeing consider a tuk tuk tour, where you can have an interesting and different perspective with a local.

Another interesting Lisbon viewpoint it Portas do Sol . On the east side of Lisbon, near the Sé Cathedral is the best one to see the sunrise in the morning . This viewpoint has a strong connection with Alfama civil parish. If you have time, embrace on the adventure of walking down the tiny streets till the Fado Museum.

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