1. Registration : Eco Friendly Tuk Tours is a brand that belongs to Palfern – Actividades de Animação Turística, Lda with head-office in Lisbon, Portugal, registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa, with the number 513389865.

2. Brand : Eco Friendly Tuk Tour is a trademark brand registered with the License RNAAT 122/2015 from Tourism Office of Portugal. It respects the legal requirements of insurance related to the Portuguese law for animation tourism sector activity.

3. Customer Support : for further informations contact Palfern, Lda / Eco Friendly Tuk Tours through the email info@ecofriendlytuktours.com, or, if you prefer thru mobile phone number (+351) 963 916 962.

4. Bookings : can be made using the following channels
a) Email : info@ecofriendlytuktours.com ;
b) Website : ( https://www.ecofriendlytuktours.com ), filling the booking form;
c) Mobile number : (+351) 963 916 962 , giving the correct information of the day, hours, meeting point, tour or experience choosed.
All tours and experiences will be confirmed after check of availability and they are considered confirmed with the payment of total amount.

5. Number of Passengers: Eco Friendly Tuk Tours has available for the tours and experiences, eco-friendly vehicles ( electric ) with different capacities.
a) Minimum numbers of passengers: There is now minimum number of passengers on board, except if mentioned on the page of the tours or experiences.
b) There is maximum number of passengers for tuk tuk, according the vehicle.

6. Prices and Payments
a) Prices : are mentioned in Euros.
b) Taxes : all prices includes VAT.
c) We accept Paypal ( VISA, Mastercard ), cash or bank transfers.

7. Deposits / Reservations : in case of groups / corporate we request 50% of the total amount payable with confirmation and the amount due till 5 days prior to the date of the event. We reserve the right to make the service if both conditions are not verified.

8. Availability, Confirmations and Cancellations : Eco Friendly Tuk Tours ( Palfern, Lda process the reservation made by the customer after confirmation of the payment. Can not guarantee availability till the beginning of the reservation process.
a) Eco Friendly Tuk Tours acceptance and cancellations: has the right of not accept bookings or cancel bookings already confirmed if service cannot be delivered according the agreement.
b) Cancellation by Eco Friendly Tuk Tours, customer will be informed by email and we will be proceed with total refund of the amount already paid.
c) Eco Friendly Tuk Tours may not validate the booking if payment was not made, booking incompleted process or incorrect information, or if the tour or experience reserved is not available anymore. Customer will be notified by email that his booking was not conclude and the reason(s).
d) Eco Friendly Tuk Tours reserves the right to refuse any booking, independent of the motif and with exempt of liability for damages or costs caused. We also , as well as reserves the right to cancel any tour or activity even if it has already been confirmed by Palfern, Lda in particular in the following situations:
d1. ) Incorrect information or not possible to verify information of the invoicing process;
d2. ) Booking form (https://www.ecofriendlytuktours.com/booking/ ) with incorrect information, price error, possible fraud;
d3. ) If customer has not capacity to make the tour.

9. Cancellations : all cancellations by the customer we should be notified using the following email : info@ecofriendlytuktours.com . Customer cancellations may apply to cancellations rates.
a) Till 2 prior days before date of event, no refund.
b) From 3 to 6 days before the date of the event, we will proceed with the refund of 50% of total amount;
c) More than 7 days, we will proceed with total refund of the amount paid.

10. Sales and Promotions : All campaigns, sales offers or promotions have a valid period of time in exhibition on the website https://www.ecofriendlytuktours.com . They can have esablished sales conditions. In case of cancellation of any of this services, total amount will be refunded.

11. Responsibility : Eco Friendly Tuk Tours respects the Portuguese Law providing the services and experiences. However, we are not responsible for issues of weather conditions, terrorism, strikes or any other factors of third party´s.
a) Eco Friendly Tuk Tours is no responsibility by lost of belongings , robbery or stealing during the tours or any other activity.
b) Eco Friendly Tuk Tours can denied to provide the full service or transportation on vehicles to people under influence of alcohol, drugs or behaviors considered a threat to the safety or damage to the vehicles.

12. Complains: in case of complain, customer should send a direct email to info@ecofriendlytuktours.com . Also has the right to write the complain on Complains Book (red) or through internet using the link on website of the company, mentioned as Livro de Reclamações Electrónico, using https://www.ecofriendlytuktours.com . In case of conflict, Parfern Lda is a adherent company of Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa ( Address : Rua dos Douradorees, 106, 1100-619 Lisboa ), entity responsible for mediation of consumer conflict between the parties.

13. Data Protection:
a) All information supplied by customer will be use for the bookings of the tours or experiences, managed with security.
b) Eco Friendly Tuk Tours / Palfern Lda will use customer information for internal process, authorized by customers in conformity with the RGPD regulation from May 2018.
c) Any pictures or movies taken by the company or customers for commercial purposes should have a written consent of both parts.
d) All customers have the right to access , changes, cancellations or opposition of their data, according what is mentioned on the internal database. Customers can request full access and intentions sending an email to info@ecofriendlytuktours.com .

Version 1.0, update : July 2019