Bride and groom dream with the wedding day? Why ? Because its always different and special day for each other. They will try really hard to entertain their guests. Similarly, they put all his heart and soul in special moment.

The wedding day is a moment of celebration and we can contribute for the happiness of the participants. During the last years we have tailor made ou service mainly in Lisbon region.

Eco Friendly Tuk Tours, Wedding Day

Wedding Day most common ideas…

We have made already taylor made programs, however the most common ideas and challenges are:

  • We can take the bride from her house / apartment to the church, before the celebration;
  • After married from the church to the celebration location (depending of the distance);
  • Its possible to organize a tour around the place of the celebration with the guests, specially if you have international guests ( we have drivers that we will be able to organize and present in French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish ).
  • We will have an amazing pleasure to tour with the related parents of the groom and bride.
  • Eco Friendly Tuk Tours can customize the decoration of our electric tuk tuk for this special occasion.

Security is our main concern on this type of events for all participants. We train our drivers to small details with briefings before each event.

In conclusion, if you are searching for something different for your wedding day, we can be your partner, making part of the event.

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